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Intel ME Firmware + Maximus XI Formula Z390

Hello,I hope anybody can help me, which is the latest Intel me firmware version for the maximus xi formula z390 and which was the preinstalled Intel me firmware version?I'm not sure which I must choose to update

XMP fails to boot.

Z390-E, 4x8GB G.Skill DDR4 4266 CL19-19-19-39, i9 9900k. With both XMPI and II, RAM fails to post, works at 3733 15-15-15-35. Manual tweaks don't seem to help yet.

maximus XI formula & intel i9 9900k few gflops

guys according to you because with intel burn test I make about 140,000 gflops?i9 9900k all 5ghz corestried everything in default, I do not make 100,000I attach photossorry for my englishhttps://imgur.com/a/hGuO4X6

Maximus X hero and 8700k issues. -.-

so nothing but problems today. got 8700k and maximus x hero. it was oc'ed out of box at 4,8 ghz with 1.25vi tested it and i dont like it at all, CPU is howering around 50-55 on some cores constantly, while usage is about 10%.i went to reset bios, tur...

Hero XI Aura/RGB causes coil whine?

All of the sudden today I started hearing coil whine out of my case, going crazy listening to every component, I came to the conclusion it is from the RGB/Aura. If I disable the Aura via the application, the coil whine gets even louder, unbearable.Wh...

Maximus XI Hero and Kaspersky Anti-Virus key?

I just installed my Maximus XI Hero motherboard and 9900K CPU with Windows 10 64 Bit. The install disc includes a 1 year subscription to Kaspersky Anti Virus. After installing it, it says my subscription or key is not active or valid. Where do I f...

jewie27 by Level 7
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Maximus X Hero Question

Guys,After I turn off my computer and turn off also the power supply, and then turn it on again and press power button the computers starts, then shuts down for 2 seconds and then start normally. Is that normal behavior? It has been like that from th...

pit_ns by Level 8
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Strix Z370-E HDD LED issue with both NVME slots filled.

Note: Embarrassing but I got confused, this is actually on my PRIME-A Z370 board. I might try populating both slots on the Strix later to see if the same issue occurs.I think this might be a bug on the motherboard.I have a few 2.5” SATA SSD drives co...

Looking for adaptive settings for i7 8700k (on a Asus Prime Z370-A)

Yesterday there was a BIOS update release for the Asus Prime Z370-A (BIOS 0420)After upgrading the BIOS and doing some IXTU runs I found out that the voltage for the CPU went up dramatically.With BIOS 5419 it didn't get past 1,33, with 0420 it hits 1...

MaccieD by Level 7
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Rog strix z370-f gaming kernel-power critical error id 41

Hi, my pc resets when left on for long periods time and not being used, I come back hours later and I can see it has rebooted on its own as all my open programs are closed and it's back at the desktop, on checking the windows events viewer I can see ...