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Z370-e bios 1601 update

New BIOS Update is up!Feedback/comments are greatly appreciated! Have a great day everyone.Version 16012018/11/079.79 MBytesROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING BIOS 1601Improve system stabilityKindly check your respective motherboard support page.Thanks!

RTL/IOL tweaking

Hey folks,with which dimm entries should I play around on a 4 dimm motherboard? is that the right way to do it?

Z370-e BIOS bug, that I have fixed

There is a critical error in the BIOS, in the ACPI setup under SSDT7.I have taken the liberty to fix it on my machine, but I don't know where to report the bug, so here goes.There are 3 big screwups on methods that require two arguments, being passed...

renordw by Level 7
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Maximus X Code - qcodes 25-29

So my new Maximus X code keeps going from qcode 25-29 constantly, I looked up the codes and basically all they say is 20 - OEM pre-memory initialization codes21 - OEM pre-memory initialization codes22 - OEM pre-memory initialization codes23 - OEM ...

Newbie help for ROG STRIX Z370-H Gaming!

Hi all,I built my first ever PC about a month ago, specifcally for gaming! The whole thing is up and running, but I'm having a few problems and I'm hoping I can get some help. I'm a total beginner, so I apologise if some of my questions seem a bit ob...

Clusks by Level 7
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Is there 2v of the maximus X

one Is there you cant read vram temp and the and IR3599 phase doublers missing on the back of the bord .https://www.overclock.net/forum/27701300-post2953.html if this is true its very dissapointing if you are lucky you gett a better mb i can rea...

zool65 by Level 7
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