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Z370 DRIVER UPDATES as of 7/25/2018

ASUS rolled out various updates for all Drivers. Kindly check your respective MOBO Driver & Tools pageImprove system stability & Support Windows 10 latest version.NOTICE:Due to the different structure for drivers, suggest you remove the old driver fi...

Intel Management Engine necessar under Windows?

HiI reinstalled Windows 10 Pro x64 v1803. *I downloaded drivers from Asus website, Intel and Nvidia and installed them. *I made a point not to use the Asus DVD. *I noticed that the dvd had the Intel Management Engine which i did not install. *I belie...

UK Release date Maximus XI Extreme Z390?

HI all, Does anyone happen to know the official release date for the above board? A colleague of mine is very interested, but we cant find any in stock anywhere?Many thanks, Bully.

VRM of the Maximus XI Extreme

So after seeing the Reviews of the ASUS Maximus XI Hero about the VRM "twin-8 phase" , i Am really now disappointed about asus high-end Motherboards. i know asus is the best in the motherboard class But what happen now i don't know 'So from the be...

Z370-e bios 1601 update

New BIOS Update is up!Feedback/comments are greatly appreciated! Have a great day everyone.Version 16012018/11/079.79 MBytesROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING BIOS 1601Improve system stabilityKindly check your respective motherboard support page.Thanks!

RTL/IOL tweaking

Hey folks,with which dimm entries should I play around on a 4 dimm motherboard? is that the right way to do it?

Z370-e BIOS bug, that I have fixed

There is a critical error in the BIOS, in the ACPI setup under SSDT7.I have taken the liberty to fix it on my machine, but I don't know where to report the bug, so here goes.There are 3 big screwups on methods that require two arguments, being passed...

renordw by Level 7
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Maximus X Code - qcodes 25-29

So my new Maximus X code keeps going from qcode 25-29 constantly, I looked up the codes and basically all they say is 20 - OEM pre-memory initialization codes21 - OEM pre-memory initialization codes22 - OEM pre-memory initialization codes23 - OEM ...

Newbie help for ROG STRIX Z370-H Gaming!

Hi all,I built my first ever PC about a month ago, specifcally for gaming! The whole thing is up and running, but I'm having a few problems and I'm hoping I can get some help. I'm a total beginner, so I apologise if some of my questions seem a bit ob...

Clusks by Level 7
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