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M11E Driver Confusion

There's a real discrepancy between the downloads at the Asus site and what can be found at Intel, Aquantia, etc. However, I still can't seem to find chipset drivers for the M11E Z390 at Intel's site. And Aquantia doesn't even have AQC111C listed here...

ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO / Intel I7 8700k boot to bios test

Hello EveryoneI just brought a brand new hero X and Intel I7 8700kI test it out of box without installing to the case.I had plug in the 24/8 pin plug to the motherboard and power supply and also the CPU power plug , memory and CPU/ Heat sink and FanI...

Need help with SSD set up

I've got an a 32GB Intel Optane in DIMM.2_1, a Samsumg 970 pro in DIMM.2_2 and an 860 evo in SATA in my Maximus XI extreme new build. I want to use Optane acceleration on the SATA drive. I've got some issues setting things up. The BIOS (ver 602) d...

ebf2k by Level 7
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BIOS 0602 - Triple Boot & XMP?

Hello everyone,I run a Z390 Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi board, and I just updated to bios 0602 from the default shipped bios. I quickly discovered that when you unplug your PC and attempt to start it again later it needs to go through a double post to rein...

New XI Build Will Not POST

Hello, hoping to get some advice on getting a new build with a Maximus XI to POST. Currently the system powers on and immediately shuts off within 1 second, no Q-code, no beeps, nothing. The lights on the board do power on. I have only attempted to b...

necrpes by Level 7
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M11E Driver?

What's this driver for the M11E? Version 3.00.23. There's no description.

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Z370 Formula X: QLED display sometimes read wrong pump speed

Not a huge deal but it irks me. Im assuming its a motherboard issue but not sure.I have a EKWB D5 pump/res combo, have it set to run at I beilieve 40 % but the issue happens no matter what I set it to.I hooked it up to the W_Pump+ and have that on my...