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Maximus XI Extreme lane allocation

If I install a sound card in the top small x1 slot, a video card in the first x16 PCIe slot, and an intel 905p in the very last slot on the MXIE, will the video card run at X16? Thanks.

Hopper64 by Level 14
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STRIX Z390-F Intel I219-V Ethernet Drivers

Hi,I can't get the drivers for the Intel I219-V Ethernet adapter to work at all on my machine. I've tried the download from the ASUS Support site, from Intel directly, and from the forum thread here. I've tried clean installing Windows 10 (x64 1809 b...

MAXIMUS XI Extreme NVMe M.2 heat sink

Hi,Installed 2 970 EVO on the motherboard underneed the M.2 heat sink. On the backside there is some material added "LAIRD" (to help to reduce heat i think) but my question is : do we need the green label ?RegardsMichel

Z390-H - i5-9600k throttling under load

Hi all,I have a i5-9600k installed in a Z390-H mobo. I have it set to sync all cores at 48, and a manual vcore voltage that seems to be stable. After the CPU has been under load for a few minutes, according to CPUID it throttles down to as low as 45 ...

lots of error codes on motherboard

getting errors 14,88, 4c,34,3e,45,3f,39,3a,32,40,a2,61,64,7f,4f,78,92,97,99,a2,9cit all started, when I tried to play pubg. it crashed as I landed, tried again same thing. then all of a sudden windows got slow to un usable. I tried a fresh install, s...

Sky192 by Level 7
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Asus Z390 boards have a hidden +100mv offset

Just wondering why no big youtubers have acknowledged that yet, or in general no one is talking about it?In general a Z390 board will take 100mv less for the same clockspeed as its Z370 counterpart, however the power draw and temperatures will be ide...

I5 9600k on asus rog maximus x hero (z370) ?

Hi, I have a doubt and i need help to resolve it.It's about the motherboard ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO (chipset z370) which i have bought. I want to use this motherboard with i5-9600k.. could be possible?I need to update the bios not? how? i dont see in...