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Purchased gskill F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX AMD optimised

Hi all,I currently have a Maximus X Hero WiFi z370 board and purchased gskill *F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX 32gb kit. I didn’t realise this kit is AMD optimised and would like to know if I’ll have issues with this kit once installed. Any help would be greatly...

I'm new to M.2 SSDs / how to set it up?

Hey,I just got my first M.2 SSD (Samsung 970 Pro) ever and installed it on my Z370-F. BIOS seems to recognize it and set it to PCIe x2. In Windows 10 when I open Disk Management it says something about initialization and lets me choose between MBR an...

m.2 in Dimm.2 problem on Maximus 11 Extreme

Hi guys,As i`m still new to m.2 and this is my first ROG product and i need a bit of help as I cant find answer anywhere and everything that i have watched and read doesn't help me to solve the problem that i have, so there it is:I have Maximus 11 Ex...

f0r3s7 by Level 7
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Maximus XI Extreme clearance issue on Evolv X

I have some clearance issues with the Evolv X and the Maximus XI Extreme. The case is E-ATX compatible but the RGB back plate sticks out just enough to touch those slanted braces (red line). Can I removed that entire RGB backplate without having any ...


ASUS z390 Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) USB Issue

Hi,So I have a problem with my ASUS z390 Maximus XI Hero motherboard, perhaps someone can provide me with some guidance in the right direction.I am currently still running Windows 7 on my old PC and I do not want to switch to Windows 10; I have no pl...

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Issues Sonic 3 Maximus X

I have double entries in my start up menu , the BIG light colour Red squares opens APPSYet the Smaller Dark Red squares when clicking on them, says you must install the software ( see "bold" below)This happens again if I go to Control Panel and cl...

sutex by Level 7
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New M11E build crashes

New build includes 9900k with 32g memory-F4-3733C17Q-32GTZ—by GSkill. Tested the memory overnight on my test bench with memtest 6.1 outside windows. No OS installed. 9900k from silicon lottery @ 5.0. No problem on test bench. No errors encountered.*T...

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Maximus XI Formula LiveDash CPU Temp Reading is Wrong

Hi allJust the other day I finished piecing my new system together. 9900k, Maximus XI Formula, RTX 2080 Ti.The OLED LiveDash looks great, but the CPU temp it displays is wrong. When I'm stress testing the CPU it will be 10C or more below the actual C...

Zammin by Level 9
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