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STRIX Z370-G Windows 11 drivers not working!

My PC is the Strix Z370 WiFi / I7-8700 / 16Gig DDR4 FW= 3004Have check Intel which shows the Chipset up to date.I have recently updated the 850 to Win11 and thing were good I had a Device error showing for AAP Server. Completed a backup on my USB Bac...

Toodyt by Level 7
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MCE explanations and others

MCEI’m seeing quite a lot of misunderstanding the workings of MCE so I’m partly writing this to address it.It is not the taboo that it has been made up to become. There are 3 options for it, namely Auto, enabled and ...

Shamino by Moderator
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Secure Boot Mode

Had trouble with migration to Samsung 970 NVMe. which samsung said to do a Clean install. NP will do.Now I had a problem doing a backup and wonder if the secure boot mode would be an issue with the Migration?If I disable Secure boot mode. Should I De...

Toodyt by Level 7
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No Audio Device Detected By Windows 10 after update

I just realized after Windows 10 Update my PC doesn't have sound anymore, I tried to see my devices and I can't find any device in the playback tab, as you can see in the picture, with AIDA64 I can see the devices but in windows, sound playback devic...

Giovy007 by Level 7
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Bios/windows login screen shows on 2nd display

Setup:Asus Maximus Hero X (bios 2701)i7 8700k CPU @ stockG.Skill F4-3600C17-8GVK 32gbNvidia 3080 Asus TUF 27 VG27a display (main screen) (connected via DP)Asus ROG PG27 (connected via DP)Issue:I can't seem to get bios / windows loading screen on my ...

RavenNL by Level 7
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Hero XI BSOD on install Windows 11

On fresh install Windows 11 after first reboot i get BOD :nvstor.sys0xc000000fUsing 2 x NVME in Stripe and 2 x Sata in Mirror, so i use Intel raid controler.I updated bios to latest, tried all intel drivers for storage possible from asus site and int...

Cracken by Level 7
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Updating BIOS on Z390-E Motherboard

I would like to update the BIOS on my Z390-E Gaming motherboard so I can update to Windows 11. I will be updating to BIOS version 1903. My question is: What is the best and safest way to update the BIOS? I have done some reading on the internet, and ...

HGnDC by Level 7
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No Product Support for ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME

Its not possible to download anything on the site with Product Support forROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME. Drivers, BIOS or manuals. No matter what region i visit, there is nothing working. Could someone look into this please. Thanks

MatG by Level 7
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XI Hero RGB lighting very dim.

Just finished building a new machine with an XI Hero. The Aura lighting particularly on the I/O cover is so dim I can be barely see it. Pretty disappointed about this. Is my lighting faulty? Can it be easily remedied?