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Asus Prime Z370-A and watercooling set : BIOS settings ?

Yesterday i've installed a NZXT Kraken X62 set for the i7 8700K CPU.Now there's something I can't figure out :I'm using a Asus Prime Z370-A motherboard.Is it possible to tell the Prime Z370-A that a watercolling set is in use ?And where can I find it...

Maximus XI Formula / 9900k turbo boost issue

Hey Everyone,I'm playing around with my new XI Formula board, and I haven't tweaked the bios yet, literally just set the thing up with my 9900k. I will be tweaking it soon, but I'm noticing something weird in windows.Seems when I run any stress test ...

terry00 by Level 7
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PC Won't Boot From Sata Drive

I just built a Maximus XI Hero WiFi PC. Everything seems to be working and it recognizes SATA Drives, but I can't get them to be bootable. The Q code I have is A0. I can boot from DVDs with no problem and everything else seems to be working properly....

rjabend by Level 7
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M11E 2nd PCIe Slot only runs @ native 2x

Hey everyone,I recently finished my build and i noticed that my 2nd 1080ti is only running @ native 2x. The only 2 Slots i've used are 1 and 2 so both should be native @ 8x.The other parts connected are 3 SSD's on SATA 1,2,3 and a NVME SSD in M.2_1 (...

Endo2412 by Level 7
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Update bios from 0605 in Z370-E?

Hi.I still have the 0605 bios because i knew the newer ones will take out performance to fix the Specter and Meltdown issue.I might put overclock in my system and I'm not sure if I should update to the 1601 for more stability. Will I lose performance...

menko2 by Level 7
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NVME Raid 0 on Maximus XI Hero

Hello, I have 2x 970 Evos (accidentally bought 2 of them on a Black Friday sale), and I was wondering if the process of setting up a bootable Raid-0 array with them on a z390 Maximus XI Hero is still roughly the same (e.g. loading the intel RST drive...

samsiuca by Level 8
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Purchased gskill F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX AMD optimised

Hi all,I currently have a Maximus X Hero WiFi z370 board and purchased gskill *F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX 32gb kit. I didn’t realise this kit is AMD optimised and would like to know if I’ll have issues with this kit once installed. Any help would be greatly...

I'm new to M.2 SSDs / how to set it up?

Hey,I just got my first M.2 SSD (Samsung 970 Pro) ever and installed it on my Z370-F. BIOS seems to recognize it and set it to PCIe x2. In Windows 10 when I open Disk Management it says something about initialization and lets me choose between MBR an...

m.2 in Dimm.2 problem on Maximus 11 Extreme

Hi guys,As i`m still new to m.2 and this is my first ROG product and i need a bit of help as I cant find answer anywhere and everything that i have watched and read doesn't help me to solve the problem that i have, so there it is:I have Maximus 11 Ex...

f0r3s7 by Level 7
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Maximus XI Extreme clearance issue on Evolv X

I have some clearance issues with the Evolv X and the Maximus XI Extreme. The case is E-ATX compatible but the RGB back plate sticks out just enough to touch those slanted braces (red line). Can I removed that entire RGB backplate without having any ...