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Maximus XI Hero (Non-WIFI) cold boot

Hi All,So I have this strange situation. I recently purchased a Maximus XI Hero motherboard (the non wifi version) and when the PC is turned off (Even the PSU is turned off) and I boot it, it restarts twice before actually posting. I push the start b...

Joey87 by Level 7
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Reset CPU overclocking on ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING

Hello everyone. Recently bought ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING and Intel I7-8700k. I activated XMP in BIOS and the CPU went over 3.7GHz. Now I want to set it back to the default and the BIOS sees it as 3.7GHz after disabling the XMP but Windows Task Manage...

Maximus X hero fan xpert 4

I neep help i cant seem to control my case fan speed (PWM Fans) using Fan xpert 4, i want to control it using the GPU temperature as a source so it can help prevent heat build up inside the case.

geneson by Level 7
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*SOLVED* Maximus XI Hero (WiFi) only x4 for GPU slot 2

I have the Maximus XI Hero (WiFi) set up with the following hardware:Intel i7 8700K @ 4.9Ghz4x 16GB RAM (64GB total)F2x EVGA 1080 SC2x M.2 2280 drives2x SSDASUS Ryuo 240 AIOWindows 10 ProfessionalThe issue that I'm running into is that PCIe x16_1 is ...

ariesjj by Level 7
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Maximus XI E - BIOS Glitch or Missing Something?

Sorry guys I have also posted this on the OC section....Mods feel free to move or do whatever it is you need to do.So heres the deal...once I make all my OC'ing tweaks in the BIOS and Save n Exit..then reboot (say at 4.9 , 5 or 5.1 Ghz.....my BIOS...

rjbarker by Level 11
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Maximus XI Code Audio randomly changes volume non stop

HiI just bought this motherboard and have finished building the PCThe Audio keeps changing volume randomly all the time, like every 10 seconds sometimes usually when a loud sound is playing like a crash or gun shots etc. I've tried all different dri...

ZED78 by Level 7
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Screw of M.2 motherboard cover damaged on asus maximus XI extreme

Hello guys. My brand new asus maximus XI extreme has got an issue with the screw of the m.2 motherboard cover.https://ibb.co/5kwGtp4https://ibb.co/H2T7cZGIt is crazy how a $600 dollars motherboard can not mount decent screws that come off easealy.Ho...

how to connect 4 + 4 pin power on Maximus xi hero

I'm using an Antec 520 gamers psu it as 4+4 power connectors, just wanted to check how to connect them to the motherboard as it has an 8 plus 4 socket. Do I plug them into the 8 socket split on in the 8 (eatx12V_1) and the other in the 4 socket (eatx...

walrbe by Level 8
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Formula XI + 9900k VRM cooling

Hi.If it safe to run VRM without water cooling and overclock 9900k@5GHz, vcore about 1.300v Case will be Fractal Meshify C, it has very good air flow. CPU cooler NH-D15S.what kind of VRM temperatures can be expected?Thanks.

chri009 by Level 7
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