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Help Needed! Maximus XI Extreme + i9 9900k and stuff...

Hey all! So I haven't build a machine from ground up for about 5 years. I follow all the tech news and such - and ended up ordering the Maximus Xi Extreme / i9 9900k. For my install - I'm wondering about the PCI situation. I am going to be installing...

BossJ by Level 7
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Sonic Studio III and routing applications

Evey time I 'setup' Sonic Studio on my Maximus X MB, ie; games to "gaming" Voice attack to "communication", and close the application, then reopen it , all the settings have defaulted to "Music" ! Does this software work ?

sutex by Level 7
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Trouble with fan speed on In Win Aurora RGB fans

**EDIT 2: Resolution**Just in case anyone read my original post/edit, I just figured out what was wrong and solved the problem. And of course, it all comes down to user error... *sigh* For the fan cable coming from my fans, I used a simple 4-pin e...

Xaavik by Level 7
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9900k oc at 5ghz stable but never reaches more then 4.6 ?

No idea why the cpu never went more then 4.6 , i did many different test , last one being a re-encode of a blue ray , cpu maxed at 100% for 15 minutes never went over 4.6?.. i have an offset on adaptive voltage of 1.3v ...wonder if it's that avx ins...

MRBULL by Level 10
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Help adding a third NVMe Drive to a z390 CODE

Hello, I initially planned to buy a 2TB NVMe drives and a 1TB one for Black Friday. However, the 2TB one didn’t go on sale so I went for three 1TB ones. There are only two M.2 slots on the Maximus XI CODE so I bought a generic NVMe PCIe expansion car...

Asus Maximus X Hero - USB Problems all over!

Hello everyone!I have just upgraded from my good old trusty Asus Maximus VIII Hero (with a 6700K CPU) to a brand new Asus Maximux X Hero (with a 8700K CPU). It was probably the best motherboard i ever had. Although i used to have a ton (over 20) of U...

MonkY by Level 7
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ROG Maximus X HERO Overclocking Help

Hello Everyone,My Specs are the following :Ram : Trident Z RGB Ram (XMP Activated)CPU : i5 8600KThis is my screenshot of the overclocking and the different settings of my motherboard, Please guys advice me what options to change to keep my PC From ge...

layyes by Level 7
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Can't use my xmp profile 3466mhz, won't boot.

Hello.My configuration: CPU is i7 8700K.Motherboard Maximus Hero X.Ram DDR4 Ballistix Elite 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3466 UDIMM BLE2K8G4D34AEEAK Specs: DDR4 PC4-27700 • 16-18-18 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR4-3466 • 1.35V • 1024Meg x 64I updated the bi...

Antary by Level 7
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RYUO 240 USB drive causing controller error

I've noticed several of the following errors pointing to the USB drive that the RYUO exposes. Any ideas of why this error occurs?Event ID 11The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk2\DR2