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Help increase my Timespy score

Im not sure what im doing wrong, or if my card is just not a good overclocker. I've tried doing the curve with afterburner, the scanner with X1 but I never make it through the benchmark and always have to dial down. Like someone has a higher score ...


Hi Tech Guys,I have the ROG MAXIMUS X HERO M/B without the Wi-Fi integrated onto the M/BI am going to upgrade the BIOSFrom ROG MAXIMUS X HERO BIOS 1602 (date 2018/07/10)ToROG MAXIMUS X HERO BIOS 1801 (date 2018/12/21)Can I run the BIOS upgrade utilit...

Maximus XI formula won't shut down

Hi Guys, I have just finished a maximus xi formula/ i7-9700k build and I can't get it to shut down, selecting shutdown from the windows start key just restarts the computer every time, has anyone heard of this before? or have a fix?Thanks in advance,...

No Audio Inputs Working - Microphone etc - Z370 MAXIMUS X WI-FI AC

Hi all, sound comes out of my speakers fine, but no microphone inputs work regardless of the device. I've tried my logitech c920 camera microphone and it doesn't pick up any sound. I've plugged in my xlr mics via focusrite scarlet 2i2 and I can see t...

Thinking in buying a M.2 sata 1tb drive

Happy new year everyone!I am thinking in purchasing a M.2 SATA drive, but i actually have a NVME drive on the slot M2_1.The manual states:So, i can't install the M2 SATA drive on the mobo's back slot, right? I should have to swap the drives, right?Th...

wenrro by Level 7
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Maximus XI Code + Intel 9900k NO wifi nor BT present.

Hi everyone,I have no WIFI or BT devices showing up on windows 10 for my Maximus XI Code, everything else works fine.I connected the wifi antenna and updated Bios to version 0602.Does anyone else is experiencing this issue ?I had many other ROG moth...

ASUS XI Maximus Hero booting into Bios

i Folks,I've just made a new build using Windows 10 Pro and a Asus Xi Maximus Hero. I installed windows 10 using Rufus, via USB and set the drive up for GPT partition. Windows is installed on a Samsung EVO 950 1Tb M2 drive and there is another 6TB WD...

irishal by Level 7
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Gene XI pci lanes

should be a quick an easy answer from someone more knowledgeable on the subject. If i use my nvme m2 drive on the PCH slot will my VGA still run x16 ???

Bios Update - Step by Step Guide?

Is there a step by step upgrade guide? I've got the Maximus Xi Extreme and I just want to make sure I have the right way about doing it. Thanks!

BossJ by Level 7
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