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Cryorig R1 is not compatible with Maximus XI

This is for the people who want to pair their board with a CRYORIG R1 cooler. I have the "universal" one and it is not compatible with this board due to the VRM heatsink on the left. The heat pipes touch the VRM heatsink which is not a good thing and...

zebyte by Level 7
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Help me to overclock my pc please

Is there anyone here who can help me to overclock my CPU to 5.0 I am noob in this Here is my pc setupMOTHERBOARD : ASUS ROG MAXIMUX X HEROCPU : INTEL I 7 8700 kGPU: EVGA BLACK EDITION 1080 TIRAM : G SKILL 32GB 3600 MHZPSU : EVGA 850 PLATINUM COOLING:...

BOB1987 by Level 7
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I am using G.Skill - Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4133 Memory, the one with 17 CASF4-4133C17D-16GTZRhttps://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-4133c17d-16gtzrAnd cannot push it to 4133 using XMP profile, tried XMP1 and XMP2, PC just does not boot.Tr...

Intel VMX lowers performance

does anybody know why intel vmx lowers cpu and memory performance? :confused:just one option in bios causes this - intel (vmx) virtualization technologydisabledenabledmight be some glitch in aida64 because y-cruncher benchmark gives me same results i...

x-rated by Level 8
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Question - 9900K + XI GENE @ 5G vcore

HI, So I set up my 9900K as follows;BIOSXMP II = 3600MHz (2x16GB G-skill)Asus Multicore Enhancement = Auto CPU sync all cores = 50SVID Behavior = Best case scenarioAll power limits set to maxAVX Offset - 2Cache Ratio = AutoIA AC and IA DC = .01LLC = ...

lowdog by Level 7
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Stop fans on PWM headers

To reduce noise under light loads I wanted to stop the case fans with QFAN in the Bios of my ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING (MINI ITX) motherboard. However it doesn't seem to be possible to stop the fans using the fan header in PWM-mode. Using DC-mode I can...

X Hero WiFi sleep and power mode funnies

I set my system for Max Performance and Sleep Never. But somewhere along the line, if left alone, it will switch to Power Saver mode and sometimes Sleep 1 minute as well. Doesn't do this while in use internally, but while using Edge, it sometimes ...

hdtvnut by Level 7
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Need some help with this undervolting i7 8700 non-k

Hi All,Using a Maximus X hero motherboard with a non-delidded i7 8700 non-k cpuI am having some weird issues with this undervolting. I am undervolting due to high ambient temps in the area I live in and using a mid-range air cooler (cyorig quad lumi)...