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Weird W_PUMP+ readings after BIOS update 1801

Hi, I update the board to the latests bios and found that the water pump is giving random and weird readings, ranging between 10000 to 60000 rpms! The values are not correlated with real speed as they are jumping between values.I know by the manu...


Hello,First time builder here.I have an Maximus XI Forumla mobo, and I cant get the livedash oled app to work. It shows "no asus device found" when I try to open it.I have AI Suite 3 installed, and Aura. I also have corsair icue, and cam.What could h...

Dkenan by Level 7
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Build my first computer Maximus Hero XI 2 restarts before boot?

Hello All,Just built my computer past two days using the Z390 Maximus Hero XI with 9700k. So far its been fine have windows installed and everything is in working order except one thing. When I turn of computer at the back and turn the computer on a...

Raigoz by Level 7
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Bios update 0703 missing SSD booting? Asus maximus XI formula

Hi supporter and helperSo i downloaded the bios - from asus maximus XI formula website and rename it m11F.cap i went to bios asus flash utility and took the update and it was suceed. and it shut down and reboot again. now i have 0703.but i cant see m...

ZhaTniX by Level 7
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PCI-E Post Code Card for Mini-ITX

Hi there! Since last time post codes LED block was seeing only on last Maximus VIII Impact boards... I'm wondering if there any possibility to get post code reading through this Chinese card in PCI-E slot? Maybe somebody already tried that?


So had this mobo for a while, removed the board from my phanteks shift and was working to go into my new case. So installed it as per normal set it up and nothing. Specs are;i7-8700KROG Strix Z370-I Mini ITXG-Skill Trident Z RGB 2x 8GB 3000MHzCorsair...

Asus Maximus X Code Motherboard LED's not working

Hi All,I've got an Asus Maximus X Code motherboard here but ever since BIOS update 1602/1704, my motherboard LED's are no longer detected by Asus Aura. It'll just keep cycling rainbow/RGB. The addressable headers are working fine with no issues. Othe...