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ROG XI GENE Memory Support Drivers?

ROG_MAXIMUS_XI_GENE_DIMM_QVL_ABOVE_3000_1107 is under their support drivers under memory downloads - is anyone able to give me any information on what these are / how important they are?

brand new build PC Rebooting during game play Max XI Formula

i have been playing just fine and all of a sudden while playing a game ( BFV ) it rebooted on me , then again 3 hours latter during the game. the CPU was at around 55 and GPU around 59 , the PCH was at about 67 , nothing different then when i had ...

MaLLoc by Level 8
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2 NVMe M.2. PCIe 3.0 x4 ssd on Z370

Hi to everyone.I want to add another NVMe M.2. PCIe 3.0 x4 to my pc and was wondering if they will both run at PCIe 3.0 x4.I understand that the Z370 chipset has 24 lanes and bios has the option to set both at PCIe 3.0 x4 while disabling 2 sata 6g p...

kens30 by Level 11
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Question about UEFI voltages - prediction

Hello according to screen from internet:Also my mobo is Asus Prime Z390-A. Have question about NonAVX and AVX req for........MHZ .One time i saw 1.260v ,second time 1.310v. Can somebody explain me why it changed? Its under prediction.

Audio issue with ASUS STRIX Z370 H GAMING

Hi my name is Mauro Araya from Chile, the audio issue that i am having is that when i do the sound test in the supreme fx software of realtek HD audio manager the sound of the Sub Woofer resource is not working, it happens in both kind of sound confi...

MauEP by Level 7
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Troubles with the AVX Negative Offset

Hello guys, I have the Strix z370-F board and I need a bit of help regarding the AVX Negative offset option.I'm able to pass a 6-hours-long Handbrake encoding on a 8K video by using the h.265 encoder (AVX enabled). The voltage set is 1.30v (on Manual...

Wolfdale by Level 7
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ROG Maximus CODE XI ME Update Tool and aura 1.07.36

Checking the website, I read that there is a MEUpdateTool 12.022.1310Can anyone explain me what is "WE suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simultaneously Why the WEBSITE asus, What the hell is these? What ME Driver? is tal...