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Maximus XI Hero - 2 ram sticks = low cpu load in any AVX test

Hello. With 4 sticks I have random not booting problems on my Maximus XI Hero (with any ram settings the system may not boot sometimes, on my old z370 g gaming - no any ram problems), with 2 sricks everything fine, but with 2 sticks I have low cpu lo...

EtoEgor by Level 7
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In the floppy drive bay I have installed an DeLOCK 3.5" USB 3.0 Card Reader 4 Slot USB 3.1 Gen 1 cardreader and USB box. It has the longer blue connector.This is connected via an adapter to the onboard USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector (short connector on the ...

Motherboard not detecting fans Z390 Maximus Gene

So I have an Asus Maximus Gene Z390 and for some reason the motherboard won't detect the fans. They get power and they spin but I can't control them at all. Fans are Noctua NF-S12A. They were a lot louder than I expected and I even put the Low-Noise ...

Maximus XI Gene PCIE x4 to M.2 SSD

I have added 4 M.2 SSD in Maximus Xi Gene.Still, need more M.2 SSD for the moment.There is an x16 PCI-E slot for Video cards, there is an x4 PCI-E left.Question is, can I still add the 5th M.2 SSD to x4 PCI-E with adaptor while other 4 M.2 SSD is alr...

[Help] AIO Pump Asus 390 TUF

Hello,I received my new mobo today, and I did install it and everything is working.However during the evening when at some point I did install multiple software, I saw in the bios the AIO pump that was showing the RPM now show N/A.Would that mean tha...

HqSeO by Level 7
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Weird menory slot spacing on Maximus XI Formula

Guys I Bought the Maximus XI Formula and I have this:I don't know if it is me, but I NEVER SAW a memory slot space like that! Check the first slot from left to the right. Very weird.The thing is that all slots are working normally. I am upgrading fro...

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The latest bios version for the Hero XI is 0903 and has an update for the microcode to 9Ah. My CPU is an i7 8700K and Intel's latest code is 96 for that CPU.Question:- Does it make any difference to the operation of the(8700K) CPU with a code of 9Ah ...

no1yak by Level 8
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Maximus XI Extreme MonoBlock?

Can anyone from ASUS say if they are working with EKWB or Bitspower on a monoblock for the XI Extreme?Ideally I would want one of Bitspower's 'smart' monoblocks that can use the onboard monoblock header.

Maximus XI USB Device Overcurrent

Hey guysI built up a new computer with the latest Maximus XI. Not even 6 months old and I went to turn it on yesterday and got "USB device overcurrent status detected error message" Nothing had changed over night, I didnt plug anything new into it...

druski by Level 7
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[Advice] TUF z390 Gamin Plus with] PCIEX16_1

Hello everyone,I would like to know if I did the right choice to RMA my mobo as the port PCIEX16_1 wasn't working with the GPU.My build:CPU: i7-9700KMOBO: z390 TUF gaming plusGPU: 2080 ROG Strix OC EditionMEM: Corsair LPX DDR4 So yesteday I spent the...

HqSeO by Level 7
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