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B4 Load VGA Bios ERROR - XI Extreme hangs on bootup - help?

Level 8
Hi friends,

New motherboard hangs on bootup and the motherboard display shows Code B4 Load VGA Bios.
My previous board also started showing this Error code - With a totally different GPU that n e v e r touched this newly arrived mobo)

I need your help mates, really really bad on this one!

Some of the hings I tried;
I am on my second RMA'd XI Extreme
I am on my second GPU on new board that never touched the previous first RMA'd board (2080 Ti, also tried my old trusty Msi 970 Gaming 4G)
additional nfo - previous board tried with 3 different GPUs from new to my trusted older GPUs (In order Gigabyte 2080 Ti Waterforce WB, Asus 660 , Msi 970)
Latest Bios 1005 (Fresh on new Mobo) reset/re-flashed bios
Reinstalled Win10 four times
Reseated GPU (Even variations with a PCI-E 3.0 X16 Riser Cable)
Got a new PSU (AX1600i)
Literally re-seated E V E R Y T H I N G besides everything being freshly attached on New RMA XI Extreme upon arrival.
(All temps Looks OK to me, I have a setup with 7 Rads have not even begun real OC yet. No core has exceeded 56C they are at 4,8mHz)

Help solving this is greatly appreciated!


Level 12
I think you have one rad to many lol JK . Have you tried bios flashback to the bios prior to 1005.
Maximus XI Formula, I9-9900k, Phantex Evolove X, Seasonic Titanium 850W, Custom loop PE360+SE360 Rad, G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C14 32g, Nvidia Reference RTX 2080 TI, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1Tb, Windows 11

drop4205 wrote:
I think you have one rad to many lol JK . Have you tried bios flashback to the bios prior to 1005.

Hahaha mate, yeah and I'm sneakily squeezing in two quad 480s inside the Core P9 chassis so Its actually 8 rads now *ashamed*
You dont want my waterbill, these leaks worse than Noaks ark mate!!! Haha

Yeah about the B4 hangup I can see it sometimes lag past upon bootup but it has got much better with a replaced mobo, an reinstall of bios and win10, still on the 1005.
Waiting for the GPU replacements so I really cant rocknroll yet
(Rocknroll = getting my fatass smoked in Fortnite, the game which demands more GPU power than any other game previous. Prolly runs on my Vic20)

Thanks for your feedback mate, and the insight in my rad-stack 😉