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ASUS Z490 Motherboards PCIe 4.0 Support

Level 7
Will the ASUS Z490 Motherboards support PCIe4.0 with next Gen Intel CPUs.
Specially will the ROG Lineup support it. There is nothing on site stating that Motherboards pack PCIe4.0 Slots which are limited to 3.0 performance due to limitations from side of Intel like what Gigabyte is claiming in their site.
So, will the Motherboards support PCIe4.0 with next gen Intel CPUs or will going with Intel be a waste of Money if we require support for PCIe4.0.

Level 7
I remember reading an article that showed only the maximus extreme has the necessary hardware for pcie 4.0 support. Unfortunate because I bought a Strix E before knowing about that because I just assumed asus would support it just like all the other companies were advertising especially with the price increase across the lineups with the asus boards. People are gonna say 4.0 isn't a big deal but I think the bandwidth is going to be important for next gen gaming considering xbox and ps5 are pushing hard for the 4.0 ssd's for instant texture loading. Also nvidia with RTX IO.

Level 7
Yeah. PCIe4.0 has become Mainstream thanks to the SSDs more than GPUs. I really wanna make sure that ASUS Z490 series specially the Top of the Line ROG Boards will support PCIe4.0 with next gen Intel CPUs. If not I would rather go with Ryzen even if it gives less performance.