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ASUS Z390 gaming-i is terrible

Level 10
I got this motherboard, because low dpc latency and it is good for gaming. I couldn't wonder more, i/o shield is so massive, that it blocks pci-e slot, which like wtf. And largest gpu you can fit is - 1060, wtf this is expensive gaming motherboard... I got luckily vertical mount, but it is ridiculous. There is somewhere hidden gpu support list. But i read official site and didn't see it anywhere. Besides i never heard of it and neither people from computer shop...

I got valve index hardware and i plugged in usb cable to the computer and it was completely stuck, i almost couldn't unplug it, only by wiggling to the side and by increasing force little bit. It went slowly out and i heard screeching sounds, luckily usb port works. But what the hell, it held there so firmly like it would be nailed down... I noticed on mouse and keybord already, cables hold so firmly in usb port.

This motherboard is so garbage. I nearly destroyed usb 2.0 port and cable nearly got stuck there. WTF??? This is rent post, i had to get this out of the way, because i have terrible luck, i always get some broken piece of #$*(!$!... So annoying... Get your sh1t together please! I never ever had in my life unplugging usb cable. This motherboard is so garbage!