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Asus z370 prime-a Voltage/LLC/UEIF issues

Level 7
I currently have a 8700k, a prime-a, and the newest april bios 0615

Some very weird behavior has been observed as although I am a fairly veteran overclocker at this point I dont know what to do.

Issue1: when I set the SVID to disabled, no other combination of settings will allow the computer to boot after. I need to do a bios recovery. No matter if everything is set to stock. I have been wanting to use this with a OC profile of manual, svid off, vcore manual combo.

Issue2:When SVID is enabled or auto, manual vcore setting has zero affect, and no matter what i set it to, the vcore sits at 1.264 in bios on the reading

Issue3:When SVID is enabled the only way to get the vcore to adjust is to use ADAPTIVE, which works just fine. However- When i use adaptive, there doesnt seem to be any affect of the LLC level, no matter if u choose 1-7. There is always an vdroop 60-80mv once load is applied. This is measured through software but my indirect evidence for this LLC not actually working is no matter the setting it doesnt seem to effect stablity especaily when im on my overclocks edge.

Problem with issue3: I have to use a MUCH higher running voltage to find stablity because of the huge vdroop. a vcore of 1.44 is needed to sustain a 1.36 droop.

I am running liquid cooling, and my AC/dc lines are 0.01. What can i do to fix any or all of these issues? I am going to replace the board with a competitors if i cannot solve this as im losing alot of overclocking headroom and value. I have had asus for more then a decade and never encountered issues like this what is going on?