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Asus Rog Strix Z390-e gamong + I7-9700K + Win 10 Pro

Level 7
Hello all,
I am having problems with a PC with the following components

Asus rog strix Z390-e
DDR4 Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 2x8 (16 total)
WD Caviar black 1T
PSU Enermax infinity 720 watts
Noctua NH-U12A

The PC starts up without problems (default settings) and in the bios, the last version available on the asus website, the components are regularly viewed.

The problem occurs when I try to install window 10 pro 64 from usb.
He asks me for the language, then in the next screen I click on "Install", he says "Start installation program" and after a few seconds it restarts with 2 beeps.

After several checks in the bios I swapped the dimm (the one on the bench A2 put on the B2 and the one on the B2 put on A2) and did the installation until the final reboot.

But when the pc restart and the window logo appears with the "balls" running down, after a few seconds it restarts again with 2 beeps, then the problem reoccurs.

Now for what I remember 2 beeps on the bios A.M.I. (and so I read around but being the uefi bios I don't know there is a different meaning) it should be the ram (parity check error).

I did the memtest86 but the ram is ok.

Yesterday I discovered that disabling the "Turbo Mode" in the bios the problem disappears. The 2 beeps come from the PSU that seems to go into protection.
Is it possible that the PSU fails to supply the CPU power correctly?

I will install also a ASUS GTX1660OC Dual and another WD Caviar Black.

Any suggestions? Need change PSU? But which PSU?