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Asus ROG Strix z370-e Gaming Bios Ver. 0605 - need some help please.

Level 7
I have just put a new build together with mostly newer parts and few older ones. While I am not the smartest person when it comes to building PCs, I can usually spend hours of googling to figure out a resolution. However I am having two issues I can not seem to figure out.

First When I power on, I do not see my motherboard splash screen that says "Press F2 to enter Bios". If left alone it does boot into Windows 10 with no issues. If I do press F2 during the boot I feel it goes to Bios settings but stays a black screen. My reasoning for this is when sitting at the black screen I can press ctrl+alt+del to restart system. I can sometimes get the splash screen and Bios setting screens to appear if I: Power down, turnoff/unplug PSU and short the pins that clear out CMOS settings.

Second I have a cheaper SanDisk x300 m2 in the M.2_1 and M.2_2 slots. The M.2_1 slot (one under the heatsink) gave no issues what so ever. It recognized the m.2 drive with no problem. The M.2_2 slot (one above GPU and below CPU) has been a problem. I read that I must change some settings in the Bios to be able to use this m.2 slot. However, any guide I have looked at for this process has not helped. Either the description or the screen shots of the Bios do not line up with what I see in my Bios.

I truly would appreciate any help. Please let me know if I should post any other information about my system. Also, if you think it might just be better to get on Asus live chat to try and resolve these issues.

Level 8
The m.2_2 slot only supports PCIe interface drives and the SanDisk x300 m.2 drive uses the SATA interface. Your SanDisk x300 drive wont work in the M.2_2 slot. You can buy a pci-e adapter card if you need more than one m.2 SATA drive connected.