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ASUS ROG HERO X (wifi) low headphone audio/bad sound quality gaming/low discord sound

Level 7
Hello i recently build a new pc after a long time(have not used asus in a long time also), and since early 2000 when i build my first pc until recently, onboard audio were always terrible options and i have always stuck to dedicated sound cards.(last card used was xonar D2X)

Fast forward to 2018 and i keep hearing good things about onboard audio competing and surpasing dedicated soundcard which left me skeptical, so i decided to take the plunge and buy premium motherboard with sound on par or close to my old sound card ( or so i thought ).

now we get to my problem

current system: I7 8700k ASUS ROG HERO X ( Wifi ) ( i think its supreme fx, realtek 1220 sound ) 16gb ddr4 3200 14 cas gskill 512 samsung 960 pro asus gtx 1080

now i have fresh reformat pc and using asus drivers from website supreme fx which comes with sonic suite. The problem is i am receiving super low sounds which sound muddy and low volumed. I have no idea whats going on.

my questions: 1) should i be using front audio port instead? isn't back panel audio the one that has the headphone amp/+ DAC and all the goodies? or are both utilizing amps and dac? (description says front panel so i thought it was only front)

I came from asus xonar d2x and this onboard sounds extremely low to compare. The Sounds coming out of speakers are amazing and i have no complaint about them but any time i use headphones i get extremely bad quality sound. Sound is extremely flat and not as boomy as my old sound card. When i use discord app the voice from other people are extremely low. I have tried a few games like battlefield 1 and warframe and the sound is flt as well and not as good . I have no idea if the headphone amps are doa or it just sounds like this. (maybe i dont have settings correct). With my old asus xonar d2x they never sound this low so i know it aint the headphones that is damaged.

I am using creative aurvana live headphones i used to use fine for years and never sound low. ( i also tried swapping for new in box one i had saved with same problems ), I have also tried using Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Headphones: and both headphones sound very low and bad quality.

The only way i can have decent "loud" sound is by settings amplification to EXTREME and max out everything completely to 100% which barely sounds like my old sound card at 50%. It also picks up headphones as speakers( maybe this is what i think its wrong, shouldnt it say headphones? ) . My discord has to be boosted in program to 200% output in order for me to even hear anyone this should not be normal for a so called premium onboard sound.

what am i doing wrong?

I did fresh windows install and installed chipset drivers/sata drivers/latest drivers under website support page with correct windows 10 64 bit listed. I continue to have low sound. My cousin has an asus rog hero IX and his sound and his neighbor is not low like mine with same settings.

these are my current settings:

this is me after changing this to headphones but top listed as speakers:

Is my onboard sound just terrible or is it damaged?
(im thinking it aint amaged sinc speakers perform as they should its just headphones having a great problem) ( i also use headphones 95% of time)

just tried Doom (2016) and the sounds coming from headphones is extremely flat and all special effects like bullets and voice actign in game its weak.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Level 7
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