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Asus' new Z390-i 2401 BIOS, and how I got it to work with my old overclock settings!

Level 7
After updating to the latest BIOS on my z390-i, which was released on 04/01, I noticed I couldn't load my saved overclock profile without the computer failing to boot into windows. I had to pull out a flathead screwdriver to reset my PC. After the reset, I set my overclock settings one by one again and saw that it booted just fine.
I restarted again and loaded my OC profile, which was used daily before the bios update, and I pressed f10. I saw that if I continued with the saved OC profile, then I would automatically disable a bunch of added settings, which explains why the new bios wasn't working with the saved OC profile.

In short, if anyone is going to update to Asus' new bios on the z390-i mobo, or a similar mobo, then consider retyping in all your old OC settings and saving it over your old profile.