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Asus Maximus XII Hero ram QVL misleading, wrong...

Level 7
so I managed to grab this maximus xii hero for my 10900k...

as I checked the ram qvl (ofc I want 4800mhz bdie ram 😄 ) on the official site I found something interesting (I will attach the screenshost also):

g.skill F4-4800C19D-16GTRS as supported... hmmm interesting coz its should be F4-4800C18D-16GTRS

anyway I did a big google search and nope no results for the C19D. ahh ok its just a misstype I thought coz the F4-4800C18D-16GTRS is fully supported by maximus xii apex also stated on gskill site for apex. my idea was hero=apex z490=z490 so, no probs I bought the rams 😄

the first boot with my new 4800mhz rams went fine .., enter the bios xmp and this was funny xmp profile shows 4807mhz .,. and from that part I knew I gonna have a problem with it. reboot bla bla enter windows.. and after 1sec lockup/freez.

the rams are only usable on 4400mhz.. tested all the bios versions (the betas also) but no luck.. contacted the hungarian asus support (pff better not its a mistakwe 😄 )

so I would like to ask is gonna be a support for this gskill rams ? if apex can why not on hero ?

thanks 🙂


Yep. tested everything. my main problem is not that I cant achieve 4800mhz on hero (but Iam 10000% sure one bios update can fix this) .. but to let asus know that the qvl they posted is totaly messed up and ofc to correct it

MoKiChU wrote:

Have you placed your RAMs correctly on slots A2 and B2 and not A1 and B1 ?

Did you try the XMP 2 mode (the XMP 2 respect default XMP timings, while the XMP 1 optimise XMP timings) ?

Level 7
Your CPU IMC isn’t up to the task. The QVL basically is stating that if you have a golden CPU with a golden IMC, you could hit 4800.

There’s little benefit to memory at that speed. I’d return your memory and save a dollar by getting something closer to 4000. Even 4000 was tough for some of the previous gen 9900K to support through their IMC.

If I remember correctly with the last gen, there were diminishing returns beyond 3,800.*

or just run at a lower frequency and tighten the timings manually.

now its running on 4400mhz .. with stock cas... dont have time right now to play with it also dont care much now 😄 . anyway the qvl is a big mess but the maximus xii hero official site is down right now I hope they will correct the list

thanks @all for the replies 🙂