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Asus Maximus XI Extreme and Z390 Motherboards - Will we get Resizeable BAR Support?

Level 9
Does anyone know if this is coming to the Asus Maximus XI Extreme Z390 Motherboards?

Has there been an official announcement from ASUS regarding this update? are we getting at some point or is it all just speculation ?

Level 10

just wrote them a ticket. the last action I take. if there's no support, I don't have any left for them too.

I will go to MSI next time if they dont support

If asus ignore us. Goodbye Asus, hello MSI.
MSI H310 support re-size bar


embarassing silence from trApSUS

I totally agree with jumping ship if Asus doesn't want to support this feature.

Lets see :cool:

Customer Service Feedback

Dear user of ASUS products,

It is expected that the BIOS with this feature for this generation of boards will be provided during May of this year.

Level 7
1901 beta was out for a while, anyone tested it yet?

Andrew_WOT wrote:
1901 beta was out for a while, anyone tested it yet?

Been running 1901 on my Maximus XI Code since it dropped with Zero problems. New Rebar option works with my Rog 3070. I had been on BIOS 16 because 17 and 18 were unstable with my overclock. But 19 has been great for overclocking too! Very smooth. Don't see why Asus was sorta grumpy about offering the new capability in the first place... heh!
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