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Asus Maximus X Code Motherboard LED's not working

Level 7
Hi All,

I've got an Asus Maximus X Code motherboard here but ever since BIOS update 1602/1704, my motherboard LED's are no longer detected by Asus Aura. It'll just keep cycling rainbow/RGB. The addressable headers are working fine with no issues. Others have taken off the shroud on the motherboard to adjust/reconnect the cable and have gotten it to work again but in my case, the entire system is hard-line water cooled so it's not easy to disassemble it. The lights are working and the system has never been moved/opened/touched. I used to be able to flash the 1301 BIOS and it would start working/detected by Aura again, but since the newest 1801 update, rollback hasn't worked. Anyone else here with a Maximus X series motherboard with a similar issue? I've already reset/disabled my OC but same issue.

Mobo: Maximus X Code
CPU: 8700k
RAM: 32GB Dominator Platinum
SSD: Samsung 960 EVO / 860 EVO
GPU: GTX 1080
OS: Windows 10 Home 1803

BIOS: 1801 x64
iROG1: MBEC-Z370-0206
iROG2: RGE2-Z370-0106
iROG3: RGE3-Z370-0122
LED EC2: AULA1-S072-0203

Level 11
Hi Bryan065

I have the same board as you you and something is definitely wrong either on your motherboards LED controller or BIOS it could be a loose cable as well.
My bios shows

BIOS: 1801 x64
iROG1: MBEC-Z370-0206
iROG2: RGE2-Z370-0106
iROG3: RGE3-Z370-0122
LED EC1: AUMA0-E6K5-0105
LED EC2: AULA1-S072-0203

Your LED EC1: should not be blank and i am not sure if the AUMA0-E6K5-0105 refers to the rgb controller or the integrated rgb strip part number.
The 12v led controller could be dead,loose cable or you might have a corrupted aura led bios

Someone from asus can send you an Aura bios firmware file to flash on your board to see if it fixes the missing entry.
Don't confuse normal bios with Aura bios firmware file it is not on the product support page which it should be if you ask me.

Just wait till an Asus mod reads your post to assist you further.

It also looks like you manually updated the ME firmware which wasn't necessary.