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Asus B450-F boot loop

Level 7
I have the ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING motherboard with a Ryzen 5 3400G APU.
system was working fine until i put it in hibernation mode. I could not wake the system from hibernation mode.
I tried the keyboard and mouse with no luck, Tried the power button, and it would not wake. hit the reset button wouldn't even reboot.
Then i unplugged the power supply let it set for a min then plugged it back in. Lights and fans came on but it would not boot.
The Q-LEDs came on first yellow for about 3 second then red for about 3 seconds and then white would flash for an instant and then back to Yellow and the pattern would repeat and no boot.
I RMA'd the board and was told they could not duplicate the issue.
They updated the bios before sending it back. I received the board, hooked everything back up and still have the same problem.
Could this be a problem with the Integrated Graphics on the CPU? since im only getting a flash from the white LED?
I've spoke with ASUS service center again and they suggest I return the board again.
I am at a lose as to what the problem could be.
Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem?

Level 8
Hi Astyy,

I would try a video card first before sending in your motherboard. If the repair center couldn't find any issues with your motherboard, it is worth a shot.

I tried to boot with a video card installed but had no luck. I probably should have included that in my first post.