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Any way to disable NVME in BIOS ?

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This is really annoying, what if you want to isolate 2 systems and you can't disable NVME? Is someone doing anything to fix this?! It is really important, to be able to do that and pretty basic feature. Or what if you go to online bank, you want to disable all of your disks! I heard ASUS years ignoring this...

Falkentyne wrote:
Well guess what? You can't do that.
Deal with it. And maybe try listening to what other people are trying to ask you instead of acting elitist, entitled, fat and lazy.

Agreed +1

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This thread needs a bump so Asus can see it & respond, not that they visit their own forum anyway but some ridiculous responses to OP here for sure.
Who cares why he wants to individually disable disable each NVME drive from the bios! Sure most questions in forums require relative info & what gear is being used but there are so many reasons one might need to disable one or all their NVME SSD's, it seems like an obvious feature to have (or to not get rid of).
Got alot of respect for @falkentyne but what an ignorant response.

ASUS please give us the ability to disable drives like we've been able to do for decades with SATA or please explain to us why this is impossible
ASUS Maximus 13 Hero, Intel I9 11900k, EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA


I have posted on these forums about this very problem with an X470 Crosshair VII a while back. I wanted to disable the SATA ports on the motherboard for installing Windows as it has caused problems for me in the past. Eventually the option was added, and I was able to disable the second M.2 slot too eventually.

I have just got a new system, B650E-E Strix - I'm unable to disable any of the M.2 slots, nor can I disable any of the SATA ports. The SATA drives I have, fine I can quickly unplug the power from them - but the disconnecting any of the M.2 drives means taking the GPU out, messing with cables, taking off the heat spreaders, putting the GPU back in, installing Windows, then removing the GPU again to put the NVME drives back. It's ridiculous.

All the hundreds of "tweakers paradise" settings, and they, for some bizarre reason, consistently leave this one basic "disable device" option.

ASUS: Please add the option to disable SATA and NVME devices as standard. PLEASE.


I am facing this very same issue on a Maximus XI (wi-fi).

I tried it anyway and ended up with a windows dual boot that defaulted to the new load to a HDD. I could not figure out how to change which load would be the default. Every try bios or windows selection only ended up in frustration. I even tried disabling the HDD and windows had issues trying to boot.
I ended up doing a restore to the morning before doing the load. Now it boots as normal and when I enable the HDD it isn't selectable as a boot option in BIOS.

So, It appears I need to disable the NVME drive to get a 2nd windows 11 loaded for some testing so I quit messing with my production system.

Has anyone figured out a way with out having to physically removing the NVME drive?

Thanks for any help.

Level 10
I would like to see this option enabled too. B550-F gaming (non wifi). This option exists for SATA but not for M.2 ?

I have dual boot, linux and Windows.
When installing Windows, it automatically chooses the EFI partition in my M.2 drive which has Linux installed, and it is a mess, it breaks everything and I need to fix grub and other stuff.

Every time I need to test a new distro, I need to remove my M.2 drive, a option in BIOS would be pretty nice indeed...

I have a Asus Rog Strix Z590-e Gaming Wifi, with Intel i9-10850K.
I need a BIOS option to disable a SDD M2 NVME disk (Example port M2_3)

I read some others threads, but I cannot find a way to disable a NVME disk using BIOS.
(Example )

All info will be appreciated.
If this is not possible now, Asus: Please enable this option in future BIOS.

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It is very disappointing that this option is not available for current motherboards.

There was a good solution in the old LGA1150 Z97-Deluxe boards, where you could choose to set either M.2 or SATA in the BIOS exclusively. This gave the possibility to have two isolated systems, one on SATA and the other on M.2 disk. It was physically impossible to have access to SATA and M.2 drives at the same time because they share the same bandwidth.
It's a shame that ASUS doesn't make this option further.

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I would like this option on my Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-fi) - I use Ubuntu to clone my NVME as a backup and I like to disable the other one to avoid confusion of which is the source/target if there are extra drives. 

Definitely agree with the others saying it shouldn't matter why, it should just be an option and those who don't want don't need to use it

I have a Asus ProArt Z790 Creator  and would like to be able to disable my SSDs in BIOS - please listen ASUS we all have our various reasons !

Level 7

I agree!! Mine is a Strix with no option for that but it would be nice to have for instance when I'm installing multiboot and want to make sure I don't inadvertently write over the wrong disk. Fingers crossed Asus will listen and act.

Thanks for mentioning this (and putting up with one social nerd's ignorant comment).