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Another help request, where cork in PCIe 10gb lan card on XI Extreme

Level 8

Howdy mates,

Probably useless to ask again for anything here but here we go...

Where is the smartest place to cork in a PCIe lan card on my XI Extreme?

I ordered a TP-Link TX401 10gb card,
knowing the precious few PCIe lanes on this thing (Maximus XI Extreme) and already having a graphic card AND an m.2 drive running at a quarter of full speed... I need your brains mates,

where do I cork in the arriving TX401 PCIe 10gb card?


Sorry could not make it any shorter,
if you want more questions I have more threads just below this that I'm still nowhere close to solving.


Oh, and also what would be a good cheap raiser cable for the above tx401, would appreciate any help with that also!

May the force be with you mates,