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AIO Pump wrong rpm

Level 10

Searched a bit for other topics on the same problem but could not find any. My apologies in advance if this is has been discussed in the past.

NZXT Kraken X62 and Asus maximus X HERO

Kraken X62 USB is plugged into a USB header on the MB.
Kraken X62 AIO plug in plugged into AIO header on MB
The two radiator fans are plugged in CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT

The problem is if I cut the power via the PSU power button, at next boot the AIO pump will work in silent mode (low rpm).
I have to start CAM software to make the pump operate at full speed. If I do not cut the power from the PSU, the pump will retain it's settings.
At least for my build, the pump speed makes quite a difference in CPU temperatures so I would like to run it at full speed all the time without CAM.

I am not 100% sure if Kraken X62 pump can be controlled via the AIO pump header on the MB or only via the USB header, but the rpm readings from the MB are a bit strange. Might be the reason why the pump does not run at full speed after a a PSU shutdown?
In BIOS I set the AIO pump to run at 100%.

Values after I start CAM once and I do not cut the power from PSU

BIOS show 5500+ rpm while the max speed of the pump is ~2.700 rpm

HWInfo shows ~2.700 rpm

Ai Suite also shows 5500+ rpm

BIOS values after I cut the power from PSU.

Pump is in silence mode now (~1200 rpm), but BIOS shows it is running close to max rpm.

Deepcuts wrote:
An alternative is to run hwinfo at boot.
Right click the Pump section and click Alert Settings.
You can define an alert if the pump runs below some value.

Still, I wonder why my BIOS shows double the actual rpm of the pump. Would be nice to show the real value, not that it matters so much given that the BIOS cannot control it.

Just double checked, hwinfo does seem to report the pump rpm x 2, but rather unreliably. So I guess you could indeed use this and similar software - then you only need to boot CAM if the color settings get reset due to loss of power or just the pump acting weird.

Level 10
In hwinfo, you should have a dedicated section for Kraken.
Looks like this:
If you cannot find it, make sure you have the latest hwinfo version.

Deepcuts wrote:
In hwinfo, you should have a dedicated section for Kraken.
Looks like this:
If you cannot find it, make sure you have the latest hwinfo version.

Oh, I've totally missed that. Thanks!

Level 7
A fan and a pump do not spin the same way and the manner in which rotations are counted is different. The pumps usually require an RPM divider to turn it into a familiar number. A divider of 2 is common on Asetek pumps (X42/52/62, Corsair H115i, H100i v2 etc.). However, even then sometimes it will run all over the place, almost at random. That is the case with the Kraken coolers. You are never going to get useful numbers from any BIOS or basic monitoring system. It has to be written for that cooler. HWinfo, AIDA, etc. may have support for it, as pictured above. You need to use one of these to keep track of it. Now, if you are really smart you can figure out why CAM reports different liquid temp values than all the other monitoring programs. Even more interesting is there is a large discrepancy between the 3.3 and 3.5 versions of CAM. A -4C difference in coolant temperature is more than just normal variance, especially when all of these programs must get their information from the sensor in the Kraken.

When you disconnect the plug or pull the USB cable, you will force a Kraken reset. There is no way around this, it resets to its defaults, and those defaults are at minimum speeds. It is possible you cannot write the settings to the device anyway. NZXT did a lot of work on the pump housing to make that RGB bezel and something may have needed to make room. But this also means you need to run with CAM open on these coolers. If it is a serious problem, you can move the fan to the motherboard so you have control over them. Without CAM, the pump speed would hover around 1500 for most loads, but don't forget that is more or less where all AIO coolers were at a few years ago. This is not going to have a significant effect on your normal use, unless torture testing or really long duration loads is part of that routine. You do need to keep an eye on the cooler. Historically, the X42/52/62 do not always come up the way they are supposed to from boot or wake .

Level 7
I have all the same issues, my previous gen nxzt pumps read proper speeds, but since I upgraded to the x62, it's all over the place.

Here's a graph of what I see for the CPU pump vs a constant 2600 in CAM:

Level 8
the pump has profiles, you can set it in salient mode and standard and turbo full power. With the help of the Asus Ai suite 3 suite. And from the keyboard you can activate which profile you want. And from armory create you can set that pump, you can set it smart or manually you can load profiles and save profiles
aio pump rpm.jpgArmoury Create.jpgCaptură de ecran 2023-10-06 083154.pngfan expert 4.jpg