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[Advice] TUF z390 Gamin Plus with] PCIEX16_1

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I would like to know if I did the right choice to RMA my mobo as the port PCIEX16_1 wasn't working with the GPU.

My build:

CPU: i7-9700K
MOBO: z390 TUF gaming plus
GPU: 2080 ROG Strix OC Edition
MEM: Corsair LPX DDR4

So yesteday I spent the day trying to change BIOS settings but nothing change the outcome.
The GPU works on the PCIEX16_2 and everything got installed on windows.

So was there a setting I missed within the BIOS or the PCIEX16_1 slot is dead?


Level 7
Asus customer Support:

There are no specific settings required to install the card, the GPU should be picked automatically by the board.

In this case I recommend you make a CMOS reset of the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery for 3-5 minutes while the PSU is unplugged. While the power cord from the PSU is still unplugged, press the power button down for 30 seconds to power discharge the unit. Then place the CMOS battery back in, plug in the PSU and try again.

Please re-install the card into the slot as well.

If it is not detected please return the board for RMA .