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Acoustic Echo Cancellation SupremeFX

Level 7
Hi there,

I've recently purchased a Z370-H Rog Strix motherboard, which came with SupremeFX audio codecs, the audio is amazing, but one feature that I liked a lot on my old PC is completely bugged on this motherboard.

I go to the microphone settings and turn Acoustic Echo Cancellation on, and it works for a while, and then it stops and starts picking up all my speakers audio. I think there's a bug or conflict with mic settings on Sonic Studio and 3rd parties programs.

For example, I can get really loud sounds on my speakers and my mic won't pick it up, I can even talk at the same time as listening to a loud music, perfect, no one hears it. But as soon as I boot Diablo 3 for example, it starts picking everything out of my speakers, even very low volume sounds.

Sometimes it randomly stops working aswell. If's very frustrating, because my old ASRock Extreme 3 Z77 worked flawlessly, even with very loud sounds..

What I've tried so far:
Reducing bit depth to 44100Hz both on mic and speakers (mic and speakers have to match this settings in order to work)
Placed my mic a little further away from the speakers
Tested various equalization settings
Disabled mic enhancements on Discord, and left it on only on Sonic Studio
Installed some older Realtek drivers without sonic studio..

All of above won't work.. It works for a while and then out of nowhere it stops working, or when I open certain games like Diablo 3.
And after it stops working, the only thing that seems to get it back to work is to reboot the PC..
This is completely annoying.


PS: I know headphones solves this, but I really like my speakers, and I think it's healthier not to have some loud speakers very close to your ears. I've used my old PC for 5 years, no issues.. Really annoying that an expensive MB like this one have a bug like this that the old cheap setup wouldn't.