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9900k drivers not functional

Level 7
Attmepted to install WIN10 about 15 times older and current - the drivers will install for LAN and chipset and are available but I cannot install GPU or soundcard drivers - infact I cannot install anything because the OS reads "certificate error" everywhere. Attempted to install debian linux also drivers not functional. I have a net link but the drivers just appear to be not functional thus I cannot update anthing.

On the current release of WIN10 it will just hang before entering the desktop. Tested on SSD and HDD.

Attempted literally every bios and received a replacement board from amazon. Problem still persists Windows will not function with the chipset. The drivers are installed and functional but Windows does not detect them. In fact it detects no drivers or devices just USB and mice/keyboard

installs OS.......


starting services........

getting devices ready.........

getting ready.....



The RAM I did read about this issue once before on a different subject. I delidded a 4790k a few months ago and toasted the IMC so only channel B worked - which is why I pulled everything and only put a RAM in slot A2. As per these memory modules themselves I did three things: slots A1+B1(by mistake), A2+B2, and A2.

I also reseated the CPU to test the memory channel. My motherboard did read the temperature a little betterwith a built in gauge it has in it, the other times it would have an error code A0 but when reseated it actually had some temps but eventually defaulted back to A0. The motherboard said "new CPU!" when I reseated it.

I only had 2 motherboards with seperate bios installed by the previous owners I did not clear CMOS when I got them - its possible they could have been 2133mhz or 3200mhz but on both of them the BIOS was flashed and if I remember correctly the basic config set the memory to 2133mhz I did not XMP on about 12 WIN10 installations.

Now I did XMP A2+B2 on one installation I believe on the samsung SSD but it may have been the earlier release of WIN10 which was not compatible with the new chipset. ON a current release of WIN10 3200mhz may work?

ROG maximus xi hero wifi - 1105 bios
vengeance 3200mhz
samsung ssd
hitatchi hdd