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9900 ks + Asus X - hero Z-370 WIfi Results

Level 11
Asus X hero Z-370 wifi owner + 9900 ks just installed on latest bios 2103 and everything seems fine

5 ghz all core
load line level 6
cache @ 4.7 ghz
vcore = 1.28 v manual
ram @ 16 gb 4000 mhz cl-17
all power limits / ia dc load lines maxed and ia ac dc load line = 0.01

hard ware info 64 open and core temo logging

seems my 9900 ks on z 370 x hero needs

1.28 v load line= 6 manual vcore to pass prime 95 versionm 26.6 1344k test and 1.26 v for asus real bench

this is with 4000 mhz ram tuned tight and cache @ 4.7 ghz

adia 64 memory benchmnark said 59,987 k read , 60,4123 write 53,231 copy latency = 40.1 ns !

my 8700k did 5 ghz @ 1.28 v and 5.,1 ghz @ 1.355v no avx offset in prime 95 26.6 small ffts .

switching out 8700k for 9900 ks droped my memory latency from 42 ns down to 40.2 ns thats 2 points ! same exact settings

so long story short my 9900 ks and 8700k both need 1.28v for 5 ghz lol

should i keep it or go for better 1.28 v for 5 ghz all core ?

i heard z-370 needs 0.030 - 0.050 v more then z-390 to be stable is this true ?
Rig # 1 - 14900Ks SP-118 | 87 MC @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.2 R | 4.7 E | DDR5 48GB @ 8,600 c36 | Strix RTX 4090 | PG27AQN 1440P 27" 360 Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

Rig # 2 - 14900K-SP-120 | 89 MC @ 5.9 GHZ | 5.2 R | 4.7 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,300 c15 | Strix RTX 3080 | Aoc 1080P 25" 240 Hz G-Sync

Level 10
Since not all z 370 and 390 VRMs are built equal one cannot make that comparison in general.

It also would be worth a try to lower the LLC by one and rather up the vcore until it is stable again.

There is a chance that it could run cooler under load.

🙂 How come you do not mention temps ?

Level 7
I also got a 9900ks for my maximus x hero. From the looks of it (and 2h+ testing) I found out some limits of my cpu. for 5GHz non-avx stability around 1,25V is required and for AVX loads like LinX approximately 1,30V is required. These are software readings of course, I have no tools to measure the real voltage from the back of the motherboard socket.

My settings are:

  • adaptive voltage of 1,325v
  • LLC level 5
  • IA AC and DC loadlines are set to 0,01
  • power limits manually overridden (no MCE)

Depending on the load on the cpu (avx, non-avx, light loads or heavier loads) this tends to give me a vcore of 1,280-1,312v when read with software like hwinfo or cpu-z under load.

My ram is g.skill ripjaws 5 2x8GB kit 3600MHz cl16-16-16 and I set the VCCSA to 1,15V and VCCIO to 1,10V like I did with my 8700k.

Level 11
What cpu temps are you guys getting with the 9900ks?
I am planning on getting one as well for my maximus x code which has a vrm thermal sensor.

Level 7
Oh yeah I completely forgot to mention the temps. I'm using noctua NH-D15 on a R6 case. Under the LinX AVX testing I was seeing core temps from 80C to 88C, average being pretty close to 84C-85C. This was on the stock 5GHz using ~1,300v and ~200W package power (software reading on both).