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8700k overclocking, what are some goals/targets to get to?

Level 9
I have an 8700k with the Maximus hero x wifi board. I have followed the settings proposed by der8auer. I am using an EK Water Blocks 120mm radiator liquid cooling loop, one vardar fan. 3200hmz trident z ram cl16. I am limited to the 120 cooler due to case design. (Large case, ala silverstone rz01)

Load line calibration set to 6, at 5 it would crash under these numbers.

At 5ghz, I was able to get it stable at 1.375, but 26.6 prime 95 was hitting nearly 97c.
At 4.9 ghz, 1.31 was stable, around 86c prime 95.
At 4.8ghz, 1.25 seems stable, around 77c stress test.

Do those numbers look ballpark? Any other setting I could look at to get the the temps down? Id like 5ghz, but 97c is too high. ideally Id like everything below 80c stress test, but I may need to stick to 4.8 for that.

Level 11
I would love to hit 5ghz stable for gaming probably a -2 offset with AVX... without delidding but using a x62 Kraken AIO.

Not too fussed about prime stable lets be honest i'm not mining nor will i be ripping or encoding stuff so real-world secnario for my machine is purely gaming and work.

Did you do any AVX offset maybe? This can help max load temps and or de-lidding seems to yield a temperature drop of anywhere between 15-20c...

Maybe go a larger radiator say 240 or 280 to maximise how much heat your loop can take out?

I do have AVX set to -3

Level 11
you done LLC / AC DC LL?

I did not touch those, the only thing I did was set load line calibration to 6. Should I set those you mention? Do they affect temp or stability?

Level 11
IA AC & DC set to 0.01 seems to give better voltage readouts and generally lower which in turn might lower your temps.

I ran a couple a real bench benchmarks @ 4.9 and seem to be getting a score of 118-119k score. Temps never really cracked past 84 or sat there for very long.