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4KiB Q8T8 Write speed reduced a lot after moving to slot M.2_2 (Maximus X)

Level 7
Hello guys, I recently purchased an EVO 970 500 GB which initially installed in the top slot under the heating shield. Installed windows and everything was working fine except the temperatures that were around 55C at normal use. (and also I cannot install the Samsung NVME driver but it's not that importand as far as I understand).

After I checked the internet for solutions I decided to buy a 40mm fan and move the EVO to the second slot which made a huge impact in temperatures (now at 30-35C). The problem is that CrystalDiskMark is now reporting that the 4KiB Q8T8 Write speed reduced a lot, from 1494 MB/s to 981 MB/s. Any idea why there is so big drop only write speed (4KiB Q8T8)? Needless to say that I changed the bios to 4x for M.2_2 so this is not the problem.

I moved your thread to the Maximus X section so you can compare with other owners.

If that second slot is going through the chipset that could definitely cause additional latency.
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