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1602 bios and Bluetooth ?

Level 7
After updating the X FORMULA bios to 1602
on reboot was given this information.

Detected ATA/ATAPI devices

Sata Port5 WDC xxxxxxx
Sata Port6 WDC xxxxxxx
( my two Disk drives)

A m.2 PCIe device ha been detected in the M.2_2 Socket .
PCIe bandwidth on the socket can be set to x2 or x4.

To improve performance switch from x2 to x4

Well after reading that I pushed F1 and set the M2 to x4 and lost access to the two hard drives, removed from windows. lol
The rest of the information on the screen Optane memory or the Raid configuration was confusing.

But it did say Sata mode selection must be changed to raid mode to avoid unknown issues ..ah!

I have set the settings back to X2 and the sata drives are showing up again in windows
I have two M2 SSD and two Disk drives.

Can someone walk me though this as I lost in the woods when looking in the bios.

Bluetooth drama:
My Bluetooth is Red X out. in Network configuration (win10) saying it's disconnected
Anyone have a clue as to why, Ive download Bluetooth file the Asus / ROG- site for my board and reinstalled
and in device manger its showing it's there.. but nothing is working. Can't get the PC to connected to any other Bluetooth or vice versa


Level 12
Not sure about the Bluetooth issue but in X4 mode using M.2_2 you are sharing band width with the SATA 5&6 ports which is why you can't use X4.

If you move those drives to SATA ports 3&4 you should be able to run in X4 mode.

I believe the Bluetooth issue has to do with the Windows 10 creators update and driver compatibility issues.

Level 7