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z270G QFan and CPU_OPT

Level 7

Question: How does the CPU_OPT function on the z270g motherboard?

Additional context: I have been reconfiguring the QFan setup in the BIOS as I have had a change in physical fans in the system. CPU_OPT does not show up within QFan Control but it does show up on the Main Page showing the RPM alongside the other fan headers.

In doing some research I have found that other Asus motherboards tie the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT together so they share the fan curve, but nothing specific to the z270g.

Can anyone enlighten me on this? Is CPU_OPT tied to another fan header? Should it have its own section in QFan Control?

The goal is to manually set the fan curve for several case fans and if I can use the CPU_OPT header the same way as the other fan headers it will provide me some additional flexibility.