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Z270F: Aura doesn't work

Level 8
Lights on board won't turn on and software always crashes on startup. Here is crash dump:
Is there a trick to it?

Hi all

Everytime i have had issues with the aura app

I have found opening task manager and end task on all asus apps..
Relaunching will solve it
If not ensure you have removed both running services
In task manager
And goto aura folder
And change all 3 exes to admin and compatibility to previous windows

Works everytime

Level 8
Question: shouldn't RGB lights turn on even without software?

Level 8
OK, so, AsRogAuraGpuDllServer kills AsRogAuraService. With AsRogAuraGpuDllServer running Aura crashes. With AsRogAuraService running it simply won't start.

This is some quality software from ASUS right here.

I had to uninstall the Aura software because the service was taking a constant 14% of CPU (4 core system, hyper threaded, so it was dead locking and taking all of one of the logical CPUs).

I didn't buy this board because of that but I'm pretty disappointed that it's broken software as well because I wanted to be able to show off the lights.