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Z270E Motherboard and dual audio

Level 8
I'd just like to verify a feature of the Strix Z270E motherboard.

The Maximus IX series uses the Realtek S1220 codec and the marketing descriptions specifically mention that these motherboards can pump out independent dual audio streams, one to the back panel and another to the front panel audio headphone jacks. I imagine this is accomplished such that the Maximus series has two onboard DACs. The independent streaming is configured in the Sonic III app.

The marketing descriptions for the Z270E includes the exact same text regarding the tuning of independent audio streams via the included Sonic III app. And, this board uses the Realtek S1220A codec. But, I can't find where it actually says that the Z270E has this feature of dual independent audio streams, as I described above. I'm wondering if this might be an editing error and the Sonic III section was just copied.

My question is, does the Z270E motherboard actually have the same feature as the Maximus boards with respect to dual independent audio streams?