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Z270e CPU Fan speed not showing in Bios or fan control apps

Level 7

Hi all

I have a ASUS Z270e Motherboard which is on the whole working fine

The only issue I have is that the CPU fan speed is not shown in the Bios or when using fan control software like FanControl or FanSpeed

Oddly the Bios does not show any errors (NO CPU Fan) on boot and if I use the Fan control software to manually adjust the fan speed I can hear that the speed does actually adjust, just no indication of its RPM.

I at first thought it might be the fan on the CPU as its using the stock Intel box cooler ( I know I know) so today I fitted a new Cooler Master 212 fan and heatsink, but that made no difference.

Like I say its not affecting the running of the PC just annoying my OSD as the why its speed is not being detected or shown in the Bios etc.

Anyone got any thought s as to what the problem might be.

Thanks for any help with this.


Level 7

Just wondering

Given that when fan are connected to the case fan ports they report their speed fin in BIOS is it possible to reconfigure one of those to us for the CPU fan 

Or is the CPU fan header the only option.

Its just odd that the CPU fan does not report any speed but the Bios clearly knows a fan is connected because its does not show any no fan errors at boot.

Anyone got any thoughts on this.

Its an old board I know but has actually only had a couple of weeks use.  My son bought it and played one game before going down the X-Box route, its been in storage ever since (Maybe 5 Years) He then gave it to me when my HP PC died a fee weeks ago.

Everything else is working fine, other than needing a better Graphics card.