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Z270E And USB Headers

Level 7
Recently installed some new bits and parts to finish (lol) my "new" rig.

Among these were fans, hub/controller, and replaced my PSU. All same company and should be controlled by their software.

Nothing showed up in that software. So I went to their forums with some WTH and questions.

Trouble-shot for about 4 days, testing ideas and theories; installing, reinstalling, all that.

Here's the good bits: Tested 2 components on the 2 marked and available USB 2.0 headers, resulted in power clearly being applied but no data.
I know there was power applied because my AIO pump was running, fans spinning and LED's lit up. After that I took a standard USB type A to mini-USB cable out to a port on the back plane and hey, AIO comes alive in the software.

Now its a hardware problem. Neither of the 2 numbered 2.0 headers pass data, nor does the 3.0 header.

But the USB portion of the ROG Extention header does

So before I move away from this board entirely, anyone have any suggestions?

Level 7
Where's the community here?

Man Corsair's forum was on point; guy helped me out for days giving suggestions on trouble shooting and responding. ROG Forums are apparently devoid of a community.

See you later ROG boards