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Z270 Maximus Formula IX restarts when emerging from sleep mode

Level 7
I just completed a new build using the Maximus Formula IX board and 7700k processor. Everything works great and no error codes. However, when I try to emerge from sleep mode, 95% of the time the PC restarts completely. There is no overclocking and bios is set to optimal. Any ideas? Specs: Corsair AX1200i power supply, G.SKill Ripjaws V Series (16gb), Intel SSD 750 PCIe, fresh Windows 10 home 64bit, GeForce GTX 1080

Level 7
All is fixed. I forgot to install the Intel 750 SSD Driver. Once I did that, sleep mode works perfectly.

Nice system you have there!
Just out of curiosity, do you know if the speed of the intel 750 series is really much noticeable in contrast to a regulair SSD drive with 500r/w?

I didn't do any benchmarks but I find the 750 incredibly snappy. It's a great little drive.

Hi ,
I have just recently built a new computer, Define R5 case, G skill 3200 ram. 2 m.2 Evo drives and I7 7700k.
I could not get the bluetooth to work so I updated the bios 2 days ago and reloaded the drivers to try to see if it would work. The blue tooth did not but now my computer is crashing when opening youtube or drop down menu web pages. Also my coputer will not sleep. I will go back to the the previous Bios to try and see if the crashes will stop. Any other advice appreciated. My ram works fine when I switch the bios to XMP and my drives work well.

Level 15