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Z270 Manual Vcore Behavior?

Level 7
I was reading HardOCP's Maximus IX Formula review and a line caught my eye

In any case, a manual voltage setting still has the same effect in which the actual voltage depends on the CPU workload with the manually set voltage seemingly acting as a voltage cap.

This makes it sound like a manual voltage setting isn't a constant voltage? This conflicts with ASUS' own overclocking guide which says:

Manual Mode: Allows setting of a single value for Vcore that is applied across all Core ratios, irrespective of application load.

I asked for clarification on HardForums if indeed Manual Vcore is acting like a cap and Vcore is allowed to drop and the editor responded saying it's basically an Adaptive Mode and that only older boards would allow fixed Vcore.

I'm curious if this is a case of:

1. User error
2. Early BIOS bug?

Which is why I'm asking the community here what have you guys noticed when using Manual Vcore settings? I think it would also help if anyone tested using C-States/EIST because the only way I can see Vcore actually dropping (e.g. like in adaptive mode) is if you have C-States/EIST on.