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Z270 board reqauied, Please help!!! My PC is ruined :(

Level 7

I have sent my computer in a box as luggage in a flight. I've received it in peices and now I need a new OLD board.

Was looking at the Maximus Extreme IX - It has this monoblock which doesn't fit with my AIO cooler.
SO first Question:
- Will the board work without self-destroying withoug the VRMs cooling? Can I use the maximus with AIO cooler???
(Please ignore the costs)

My second Question:
- Can I actually put both my gtx 1080 on the Strix z270G for SLI? do they fit?

My 3rd Question:
- Were can I get Strix \ Maximus boards Z270 Nowadays for a fair price?

Thanks guys.

If a board comes with a block and you remove it then you would need to replace it with heatsinks and perhaps add a fan. Look at similar air cooled boards for an example.

The best place to find an old board is going to be ebay. You might have similar regional auction/classified sites which you could also check.
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