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Z270-A reset bios after power restart

Level 7
i have this problem on my Asus z270A.
when I remove the power from the power supply at the next reboot the next day the pc turns on and off immediately, then it restarts and goes to recovery bios F1 (intel optane or RAID mode etc)

I understand that by keeping the power on you will have no problems, but for my scruple I close the whole control unit where 6 monitors are also connected etc ... I don't want to keep the pc powered.

This does it on 4 cards of the same model, on 3 other Asus of different models it does not.
I excluded all battery change, cmos reset, hardware change, new power supplies nothing to do.
And a protection system of this specific model?

if yes, how to remove it from the bios?
the big trouble is that it also resets all my bios settings.


Level 7
Hi Simone,

How old is your MBO? It seems to me when you remove power cable from your PC - CMOS battery that supposed to keep the settings goes flat and your BIOS settings are lost as there is nothing to hold EPROM.Same thing is for the capacitors on your MBO. If the power supply is taken out (power cable) capacitors go flat as well so it is normal that PC will need to get power in first before it starts up the machine. There is nothing wrong with the machine. You should really leave the power cable in. It is not a good idea to remove power and re-install all the time.