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Windows 11 Install On ASUS Strix Z270F

Level 7
i have sucessfully installed windows 11 Pro 64 bit using the windows update from windows 10 64 bit. i am insider since 2019 so i was lucky to update it.

prior to update i had this ASUS Bios update 1501 Beta so windows 11 would work and install.

My question is that on 5th October i have to reinstall using Windows Media Creator Tool for win11 ?


Level 7
I just updated to the 1501 BIOS on my Asus Strix Z270E motherboard and ran the PC Health Checkup. It still says I can't install Windows 11 because my i5 7600 CPU is unsupported. I thought the 1501 BIOS was suppose to add support for Windows 11. Is there any CPU that I can use with this motherboard that is supported for Windows 11?

My understanding is that at the time the 1501 BIOS was released, Microsoft was studying Intel 7th gen CPU compatibility, but they ultimately decided to not officially support Intel 7th gen CPUs in the end.