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windows 10 install on samsung 960 evo m.2

Level 7
This my current setup:
Windows 10 (usb 3.0 stick install)
Asus Maximus Hero IX
Ripjaws 16gb 3200
Asus Strix 1080 TI
Samsung 850 evo 1TB (os and games)
WD Black 2TB (games, recovery drive & movies)
S340 elite

*I plan on getting the samsung 960 evo m.2 250gb and use it as my boot drive with a clean install of windows 10. All other drives will be for games/music/movies. What settings do I need to change in the bios for the 960 evo and does anyone have an installation guide that can help me. Do I need to uninstall windows/reformat on the 850 evo before doing a clean install on the 960 evo? Should I update the bios (v810) and does the win10 usb stick already include nvme drivers for creating the boot drive? Thanks.

Level 13
there will only be a slight problem if you move your windows10 install from a HDD to a SSD (without a clean install), because the OS would still think of itself being installed on a HDD even after you moved it to a SSD.

this is bad because should windows try to defragment itself, it might cause unnecessary flash memory wearing. it's recommended to clean install to a SSD for this reason.

i don't own a maximus hero IX. as for bios settings, i think it's best if you were to make sure the interface is set to AHCI, and you should be good to go.
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Level 15
If possible I would wipe the SSD/HDD with the OS before you connect it to your system. While installing Windows 10 to your SSD, make sure you're doing a UEFI install.

Level 14
Disconnect all other drives from your system except the drive you are installing the OS on
Yes you should first update to the latest bios, after Windows installation run the ME update tool to eliminate possible vulnerabilities install the latest chipset, MEI drivers, etc. from ASUS support site