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What’s wrong with I7-7700K and its temperature’s…

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Hello Everyone,

I know this is not directly Asus motherboard related but I can use some tips from you guys.

I build myself a new PC around 50 days ago, CPU is I7-7700K and motherboard Asus Z270G and the cooler is a Cryorig H7. The other components are not relevant for this topic I guess but here is the build: and a short video of the rig:

First couple weeks the temps where fine, till I start playing some games, and temperatures where hitting to 88C, I did benchmark but not heavily, so I changed the vcore to 1.250 volts manually in UEFI since the motherboard was putting it on 1.365 volts. Also changed the fan on Cryorig H7 to another one with more static pressure, cfm and higher RPM speed. Temps went to 80C after all this. This is on a CPU without any form of overclocking.

Last 2 weeks we have nice weather in the Netherlands and temperatures started to rise outside, but temperatures also started to rise on my CPU. So to be sure I downloaded Realbench and did a stress test, believe me guys, I knew temperature’s where bad on a I7-7700k but this bad? I had to break the stress test because the CPU was hitting 94C.

I did build a lot PC’s years ago but not last decade or two 😛 so I might have lose my touch, I decided to reseat the cooler and this time I used Noctua NT-H1 as heat sink compound instead of Cryorig’s CP5, and this didn’t changed much, only 2C less with stress test, had to break the stress test again, I don’t want to test its limits.

So far the trouble I got, now the planned solution:
I ordered a delid kit from Rockit Cool and received it 2 days ago. Also ordered a Corsair H100i v2 and Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, these will arrive tomorrow or Monday.

The reason for 240mm AIO is the ecstatic’s and limited room I got in my case. I was thinking to get NZXT x52 but a friend of my told me he was not happy with CAM software, so after reading some reviews decided to get the H100i v2.

Than as always I was being stupid not checking here to see how my Z270G Strix will work with Corsair’s Link software, now I see there are some issues with this AIO on Asus boards, I can figure out how to fix that I guess.

I wish I could test the temperatures after the delid with the Cryorig but my motherboard needs to get out the case each time I do anything to the cpu, so I am not going to do that, the motherboard did already get in and out too many times for my taste.

I would really appreciate if you guys have any tips for me on Z270G UEFI settings and so on.. I don’t know what temperatures I will see, but I am sure it will drop some.

RMA is not an option, I don’t want to wait till Intel respond to anything, while we speak of Intel… WTF is wrong with the TIM they used?

Level 15

Hi Sp@wn

You could probably get the vcore a little lower since your'e not overclocking, you should be able to run with 1.15v - 1.20v at stock speed.

Delidding and the H100i will help tremendously, I delidded my 7700k and got good results. I have a little better cooler than the H100i, here is a gameplay video with temps, overclocks and voltage.

Thanks for fast replays guys 🙂 I really appreciate it.

Just got a mail from seller of H100i it is not here at least for 4 days…

@Chino, Sorry I forgot to mention about my Fan swaps, I was thinking that I maybe created conflict in airflow like you said, I tried different speeds or even turn some fans off to see if there is a improvement also changed the blow direction, it changes temperatures on the motherboard, M.2 drive and GPU but does not affect the CPU much.
Thanks for heads up 🙂

Hi Natel52, that’s nice overclock there with great temperatures, specially with a game like Watch Dogs 2 :cool: and thanks for the voltage suggestion, I will change that till everything arrives, I was planning to use my rig for couple months stock and then overclock it, otherwise it would be waste of my money to get a K version of the CPU. Despite Intel tells people not to overclock 7700K :rolleyes:

What do you guys think about uninstalling Al Suite 3 and running Corsair’s LINK, I am not sure if LINK catches all sensors on my Z270G, I am using Al Suite 3 only for Fan Xpert to see changes directly in Windows.

I went back to drawing board to see if I can do anything about the temperature and followed Natel52’s advice and put the core voltage to 1.200 volts.

As you see here the UEFI shows it is 1.200 volts:

Then I went in windows and uninstalled Al Suite 3 than went back to UEFI and run “Optimize All” at Q-Fan Control:

After all that I ran another RealBench stress test, I am not sure if I ruined the fan curves with Fan Xpert, which is highly unlikely but now with Q-Fan on standard I am getting max 82C in a ambient temperature of 23C.

Btw, I made the UEFI screenshots after running the stress test, that's why the times are afterwards.
HWInfo shows higher Core voltage but I think it doesn’t matter anymore, the higher voltage is due the Turbo mode CPU is running I guess @ 4.5GHz but temperature is a lot better than before.

I hope there will be some room to overclocking after deliding and adding H100i v2.

Also I forgot to mention, I am not using the original 200mm intake fan of the Thermaltake Core V21 case I added 2 slim Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 140mm fans, this was after 3 weeks building the rig, the 200mm fan was making too much noise and these 2 have better CFM together.

Those 2 fans will be replaced with the H100i radiator. I just hope that Corsair LINK will pick up the stuff from my motherboard.

Level 15
You have a nice ambient temperature. That Cryorig heatsink is definately underperforming. The H100i should be a huge improvement for you.

Thanks Chino, well ambient temperature was in the middle of night, these temperatures are rare here in the Netherlands, last time they measured temperatures this high in may was in 1922 :eek:
I am hoping that the Cryorig is the problem too, still weird after uninstalling Al Suite 3 I get better results. That is only thing I did besides dropping the voltage from 12.750 to 12.000

Another thing to try that may help lower temps is setting LLC (Load Line Calibration) to level 4, with LLC on auto it may be applying higher than needed.

You could try with 1.15v and LLC at level 4 and see where that puts voltage and temps.

You'll probably have to use adaptive mode with a negative offset to get it to run at 1.15v - 1.20v.

Thanks for heads up Nate152, I will take this advice for later usage, right now I am happy if it stays below 85C for next week. Friday I will delid and use the AIO anyways.
By the way, you where saying above you have "little better cooler"? are you kidding me lol, just read almost entire topic of yours, thats not a little better cooler thats a monster! Great looking though 😄

Haha yeah it does pretty good. 🙂

Once you delid and get your AIO you should be able to do some overclocking.