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What’s wrong with I7-7700K and its temperature’s…

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Hello Everyone,

I know this is not directly Asus motherboard related but I can use some tips from you guys.

I build myself a new PC around 50 days ago, CPU is I7-7700K and motherboard Asus Z270G and the cooler is a Cryorig H7. The other components are not relevant for this topic I guess but here is the build: and a short video of the rig:

First couple weeks the temps where fine, till I start playing some games, and temperatures where hitting to 88C, I did benchmark but not heavily, so I changed the vcore to 1.250 volts manually in UEFI since the motherboard was putting it on 1.365 volts. Also changed the fan on Cryorig H7 to another one with more static pressure, cfm and higher RPM speed. Temps went to 80C after all this. This is on a CPU without any form of overclocking.

Last 2 weeks we have nice weather in the Netherlands and temperatures started to rise outside, but temperatures also started to rise on my CPU. So to be sure I downloaded Realbench and did a stress test, believe me guys, I knew temperature’s where bad on a I7-7700k but this bad? I had to break the stress test because the CPU was hitting 94C.

I did build a lot PC’s years ago but not last decade or two 😛 so I might have lose my touch, I decided to reseat the cooler and this time I used Noctua NT-H1 as heat sink compound instead of Cryorig’s CP5, and this didn’t changed much, only 2C less with stress test, had to break the stress test again, I don’t want to test its limits.

So far the trouble I got, now the planned solution:
I ordered a delid kit from Rockit Cool and received it 2 days ago. Also ordered a Corsair H100i v2 and Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, these will arrive tomorrow or Monday.

The reason for 240mm AIO is the ecstatic’s and limited room I got in my case. I was thinking to get NZXT x52 but a friend of my told me he was not happy with CAM software, so after reading some reviews decided to get the H100i v2.

Than as always I was being stupid not checking here to see how my Z270G Strix will work with Corsair’s Link software, now I see there are some issues with this AIO on Asus boards, I can figure out how to fix that I guess.

I wish I could test the temperatures after the delid with the Cryorig but my motherboard needs to get out the case each time I do anything to the cpu, so I am not going to do that, the motherboard did already get in and out too many times for my taste.

I would really appreciate if you guys have any tips for me on Z270G UEFI settings and so on.. I don’t know what temperatures I will see, but I am sure it will drop some.

RMA is not an option, I don’t want to wait till Intel respond to anything, while we speak of Intel… WTF is wrong with the TIM they used?

Yes sir I agree, delidding is well worth it with the 7700k and the Rockit 88 tool makes it safe and easy. The only bad thing is the Rockit tool may not work with future cpu's so we may have paid for a one time delid, let's hope not.

You had a successful delid and gained 400MHz, it's time to celebrate. 😄

Well I could not bear with the fan noise of Corsair H100i V2 for two days, when I was gaming it was like jet engine after 20 minutes, played a lot with the fan curve and at the end I am now on 4.8GHz @ 1.275volts. Just keeping water below 38C. I set my fan curve to ramp up after 40C to higher RPM which is really loud again, after 1700 rpm it is getting near Jet engine sound :rolleyes:

So today I was done with these Corsair fans, ordered 4 EK Vardar Fans, these fans perform a lot better at lower speeds. I am going for push/pull, but this brings another issue, the fans are 180mA each (2.16W/12V) which makes 720mA in total, there is also pump usage, all are connected with one cable to the water pump header on my Z270G. Actually I have already solution for this I am already using Gelid Solutions PWM 1-to-4 Splitter for my Phanteks Fans, this splitter is really nice, it splits the PWM (Puls Wide Modulation) and Tacho wire from 12V. The fans get their power from power supply with a Molex connector and the speed and PWM wires are controlled by the header or pump fan splitter in my case, no more limitations with 1A.

Little information about the fan splitter cables, most of these split all wires, which is okay but when the fans not spin at same speed even they are identical it will give false readings to your mother board or controller, that’s why the Gelid Solutions PWM 1-to-4 Splitter perfect for splitting.

I will receive the fans tomorrow, I will post my findings here. I really like to know how these fans perform.

Hey yeah they should work well, high static pressure fans are what you want for a radiator. Hopefully they'll be much quieter and decreasing temps a few degrees would be a plus.

I'm interested to know how the EK varder fans perform too. 🙂

EK Vardars are delivered today, hooked them up with the Gelid Solutions splitter. Had to do cable management all together again.

I have two white and two black Vardars to keep the black/white theme going. Mounted in push/pull and change the blow direction of my other fans, I have already odd mother board placement, it is upside down in my case, so I am using backside and bottom fans as intake and Vardars as exhausts.

These Vardar Fans are really solid and heavier than most Fans I hold in my hands, and they perform great! At much lower RPM’s they keep water temperature lower than Corsair ones. I have ER (Extra range) versions, which means they can be set from 25% to 100% RPM.

At max speed these are loud too but differently loud, Corsair ones have high pitching sound and are a lot noisier but Vardars sound like they move a lot air, I don’t know how to explain but you hear wind sound. We talk about 4 fans against 2 fans and still less noise than Corsairs.

I made a nice fan curve and when idling you don’t even hear the Vardars they hoover between 540rpm and 600rpm, while running stress test they go up to 1800rpm but at much later time than the Corsairs and the water temperature stays around 39C, at this stage it has still 400rpm to go.
Max temperature of the CPU was 4C more than the Corsair fans BUT yesterday it was 2C lower ambient temperature and the fan curve is going slowly up while water temperatures rise, meaning Vardars spins up at much later state than the Corsair, that was why the CPU hit higher max only between second minute till fifth minute. Overall the temperatures where lower than Corsairs.

Am I happy with these Vardars? Yes, but was it worth extra €75 (inc. shipment)? For me it was, just because of the lower noise level, if the noise didn’t bother me than I wouldn’t upgrade to be honest. Besides, if I ever decide to go for a custom loop, I will have nice fans to use.

Sorry if it sounded like a Vardar fans review. I think it will be useful for people who wants to know how it performed against the Corsair fans.

Here some pictures and screen shots.

Fan curve is rising from 33C to 43C in 2C increments.

Vardar Fans at idle with 540rpm :eek: and keeping the idle temperature still nicely:

Nice, it sounds like you're very happy with them !

Thanks for letting us know how the EK varder fans perform, I never used them but will consider them now. 🙂

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Yes like them till now, thanks 🙂 It should be good since it is from one of the best custom water cooling stuff maker. I would be surprised if it was bad 😛

It is Vardar btw, first time before I thought you made a typo 😄

LOL thank you for correcting me, guess I need a new pair of reading glasses. 🙂

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Hahaha, I am on my first pair this year, can't do fine work without reading glasses anymore.

Level 7
Thanks for taking time to share the photos. You've done a great job. Something to be proud of.